Give Back


Volunteers On Call, Inc. has helped thousands of people thanks to the financial contributions of individuals donors, local service agencies, corporations and foundations. 

One time financial contributions or monthly pledges are welcome. Planned giving is another option. A VOC representative can meet with your financial consultant or legal representative regarding planned giving or any other form of financial contribution.

Donations can be submitted via PayPal or sent by check to Volunteers On Call, PO Box 4434, Greenwich, CT 06831. 

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When VOC decided to partner with Midnight Run, Inc. to feed and clothe the homeless of New York City, one of the most pressing needs was to secure large quantities of clothing and food. One volunteer made a phone call, another made more, then another.

Each volunteer approached their sphere of influence and each of those theirs as well. Before realizing it, donations had multiplied and were coming in large volumes!

Think about it. How often do you visit your dentist – can you ask for extra toothpaste or toothbrushes? Do you work for a personal products company? Do you have access to clothing vendors? Is space in your office building left vacant?

Currently VOC has the following pressing needs:

1) Donated office space of about 500 sq.ft.

2) Office supplies

3) High speed/quality color printers

4) Frequent Flyer miles


Volunteers On Call is a member of, which allows consumers at thousands of major retailers to designate a portion of their online purchase to the charity of their choice. Whether you’re searching for school supplies at Staples, redecorating with Bed, Bath and Beyond, or ordering just about anything from Amazon, you can easily donate a percentage of  your purchase with no additional cost to VOC. Who could think of a better way to become a philanthropist? Registration at is simple and quick – start shopping for good today!


Volunteers On Call serves as a hub for information about philanthropy and volunteerism in the local community and around the world. A great place to start exploring is our post on “Post-Disaster Philanthropy.” To discover more ways to give back, be sure to regularly check out the VOC blog.