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The mission of Volunteers On Call, Inc. is to raise public awareness about the value of volunteerism and to provide domestic and international service opportunities.


Our vision is to mobilize the local community in the common goal of service. We seek to immerse volunteers in a fulfilling experience while bringing hope, enhancing the quality of life of both the giver and the recipient, establishing long-term beneficial relationships and exchanging skills that last a lifetime.


In the mid-1980’s, Greenwich resident Roxana Bowgen found herself shaken by the photographs and stories of starvation during Eritrea’s war with neighboring Ethiopia .

Moved by the plight of a community thousands of miles away, Ms. Bowgen started making phone calls and rounding up volunteers. This effort would plant the seed for Volunteers On Call, Inc. two decades later. By the end of six weeks, she had built a team comprised of:

  • Civic groups
  • Houses of worship
  • Individual humanitarians and
  • One of the largest international 
organizations specializing in disaster airlifts

The net result was the collection of more than two tons of powdered milk for the starving children of Eritrea. When a division of the United States Army based in New Jersey became involved by trucking the milk to Bradley Airport in Hartford in time for an airlift, Ms. Bowgen knew her calling: to help those in need—in whatever way possible, wherever possible, and whenever possible.

“Wanted: Adventurous soul with a burning commitment to serve and the flexibility to move quickly.”

Volunteers On Call founder felt this call on her heart and responded quickly time after time. Several years of ongoing volunteerism and international aid action created the building blocks for the initiation of Volunteers On Call. Since Volunteers On Call’s establishment as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2004, participants have worked on numerous projects from soup kitchens in Stamford to construction in Costa Rica.

Wherever we go and whatever work we are asked to perform, we do it with the idea of creating goodwill and long lasting relationships. Volunteers On Call is a labor of love.