How We Measure Up


Volunteers On Call, Inc. (VOC) strongly believes that non-profit organizations should be held accountable for the generous contributions of both time and money given by our volunteers. As such, VOC operates under three guiding principles:

1. Keep overhead low 

Over the years, Volunteers On Call has remained as streamlined as possible in order to have the flexibility to act quickly during humanitarian disasters and to contribute nearly 100% of all donations to direct service projects. VOC runs on the power of volunteers and has never had more than one paid staff member. 

2. Produce and measure quantitative & qualitative results

Overseas service projects have included the building of a school yard, a school wing, a parsonage, and a playing field. In the years since, this work has benefitted infants, youth, adults, educators and community leaders in the towns of Siquierres, Costa Rica and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Volunteers On Call has also: 

    • Provided food, toiletries, and clothing to over 1,000 homeless men and women in NYC 
    • Served 100+ relief workers including firemen, emergency medical personnel, nurses, doctors, police and others at St. Paul’s Chapel following the 9/11 tragedy
    • Facilitated over 1,000 hours of volunteer work locally and globally

3. Analyze results to consistently improve performance

VOC is committed to creating service experiences of the highest caliber and seeks to improve its performance on a continual basis. Our success is measured by the life transforming experiences of our volunteers and the impact of projects on the everyday lives of recipients, but more importantly by the quality of lifelong relationships that are built each time Volunteers On Call reaches out to the community and to the world.